Quad City Music Guild Youth Chorus – Spring Concert

Join us for an afternoon of singing. Under the direction of Valeree Pieper and accompanied by Mary Ellen Carrol, the Quad City Music Guild Youth Chorus performs an afternoon of classics from Broadway at the theater.

Tickets – Adult $10 / 12 and under $5

  • April 20, 2024 2:00 pm


  • Director - NA
  • Assistant Director - NA
  • Music Director - Valeree Pieper
  • Assistant Music Director - NA
  • Stage Manager - NA
  • Choreographer - NA
  • Set Designer - NA
  • Costume Designer - NA
  • Lighting Designer - NA
  • Sound Designer - NA
  • Props - NA
  • Makeup - NA
  • Producer - NA

Pit Orchestra

  • Accompanist - Mary Ellen Carroll



Singers: Ben Bergthold, Betsy Bergthold, Cami Beyer, Grayson Beyer, Eden Brems, Madi Brose, Teresa Budelier, Isla Bybee, Aurora Done, Johanna Forgie, Vivienne Haring, Willsley Haring, Esther Hoffman, Scarlett Keel, Emma Leal, Andria Malloy, Charlotte Martin, Lizzie Martin, Charis Moore, Imogen Morehart, Vera Ries, Vivienne Ries, Stella Rodriguez, Eli Schroeder, Taliyah Shelton, Stella Steinbeck, Lyla Weber, Cate Welch and Penny Witherspoon