QCMG’s 2025 Season Selection Survey

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We are looking to gather information from the public at large about what shows you’d like to see in our 2025 season. All information from this survey will be gathered and brought to the Season Selection Committee where it will then be used to bring a season to our Board of Directors in the coming weeks. We invite you to share this survey with other people in the community, whether they are actively involved in the organization or just like coming to see shows.

We will begin by gauging your interest in the 15 most popular shows gathered from our forums held on April 8th and 9th. Please take your time and consider each show carefully. If you are unfamiliar with a show, we have included a brief summary of the show and encourage you to give the soundtrack a quick listen. If you are unfamiliar with a show, there is always the option to leave the question blank.

At the very end, we will ask you to create your own season out of the 15 shows we have selected. There will also be an option to insert a show not listed. Any and all feedback is always appreciated and there will be an option at the very end for that as well.

**This form will remain open until May 1st.