QCMG Annual Board Meeting

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To be held 6:00pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The annual meeting of voting members of Quad-City Music Guild will be held at 6:00pm on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, in the auditorium of the theater located at 1584 34* Avenue in Moline, Illinois
At the meeting we will:

1. Elect four(4) directors to serve a three-year term to expire December 31, 2026.

2. Act on any Other Business that may properly be brought before the meeting.

The Board of Directors does not intend to present any business at the annual meeting except as described above and is not aware of any other matters to be brought before the annual meeting. If you were a voting member as of Friday, September 15, 2023, and plan on attending, a ballot will be provided at the meeting.

If you are not attending, an absentee ballot may be completed and sent by U.S. Mail at the Quad-City Music Guild P.O. Box, by the annual meeting date, October 24, 2023, and will be cast according to the voting members completed ballot.

This meeting of the Voting Members will be followed by the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors at which time the Officers for the coming year will be elected.

To see our board nominees, click the link: 2023 Nominee Bios