Video Audition Guidelines

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Quad City Music Guild holds in person auditions for all of its shows.  We believe that this format allows us to ask questions, work with potential cast members, and garner more information than a video audition.  But we acknowledge that there are certain times when a video audition may be necessary (unexpected family emergency, away at school, etc.). In those instances, the following guidelines should be used:

What should I include in my audition?

  • Audition Application
  • Audition Video- Video files should be named “LastName QCMG Audition” and “LastName QCMG Dance Audition”.


Where do I send my audition?

  • Your video(s) and audition sheet should be mailed to [email protected].
  • Videos and audition sheets must be in the same email and submitted at the same time.
  • When a complete audition submission is received, you will receive acknowledgement. 
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.  Contact will not be made to obtain missing items.
  • Completed audition submissions must be time stamped by the beginning of the last live audition time for a show.  Submissions received after the end of auditions will not be considered.


What should my video consist of?

  • Audition Videos should include material as noted in the audition notice.  
  • Dance, acting, or vocal cuts must be taped within the month prior to the live audition dates.  We do not accept vocal or dance reels of past performances.
  • Music must be performed with live accompaniment or a track, no acapella singing.
  • Videos should start with an introduction (or slate)- Hello, my name is… and I will be singing (name of song) from (name of show).
  • Dance auditions should be learned from provided audition dance instruction video. If none are provided, then you are welcome to put together a sequence of moves (16 count) to a song of your choosing. Be sure that you film with your full body in frame at all times.


Other Information

  • You may choose to also submit a resume but this is not necessary.
  • Videos should be shot in a well lit area and should allow us to see your complete body at all times.
  • Once complete audition submissions are received, they will be distributed to the appropriate production staffs.  The next communication you receive will come from the staff themselves- either to see additional material or to notify of casting decisions. 
  •  Please do not send additional emails to [email protected] as we are unable to answer all follow ups and many times do not have any additional information.


Questions regarding audition policies should be addressed to [email protected]. They will be forwarded to the producer(s) of the show(s).