Fiddler on the Roof Audition Information

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Audition Times:

  • February 17th from 12:30pm – 2:45pm
  • February 18th from 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • February 24th from 3:00pm – 5:15pm 
  • February 25th *Callbacks TBA as needed 

Performance Dates:

  • August 2– 4 & 8–11, 2024

About the Show

“You might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck.”
Based on the short stories by Sholem Aleichem, Fiddler on the Roof is the story of a
father trying to hold his family, his values and his community together in the face of
mounting social and political upheaval and prejudice. Set in the small Jewish village of
Anatevka in Russia in 1905, Fiddler on the Roof expresses universal human longings
for love, acceptance, community, faith, family, and of course…tradition!

Audition Information

Please be prepared to sing 16 to 32 measures of a song in the style of the play which
best shows off your vocal skills and musicality. Bring legible sheet music. Acompanist
will be provided. Pre-recorded accompaniment will not be allowed. Please also be
prepared to read from the script and to learn a short dance routine (wear comfortable

Rehearsals begin June 17th and continue Monday – Friday from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. A
detailed rehearsal schedule will be provided to cast members prior to the first rehearsal.

We are anticipating a cast of between 25 – 30 members including principal roles.
Seeking actors of all shapes, sizes and ages 10 years and older. Strong character
actors are encouraged to audition. We will also be casting 6 – 8 very strong male
dancers. All ensemble members will double as Papas or Mamas, villagers, Russian
soldiers, etc.

We hope to see you at auditions!

Character Breakdown:

(Please note ages are a guide only and dependent on pairing with other


Age Range: 45 – 60
Vocal Range: Tenor/Baritone
Tevye is the humble but wise narrator and main character of the story. A poor milkman,
he is the father of five daughters and husband to Golde. He struggles to uphold the
traditions of his faith. Tevye is a likeable, hard-working and somewhat of a dreamer who
sees the positive side of life with humor. Although usually relaxed, when pushed he can
show stubbornness and even anger. Casting a VERY strong actor who can carry the
show and have a strong connection to the audience. Tevye is the heart and conscience
of Fiddler on the Roof. Strong vocal skills and musicality. Moves well.

Motel, The Tailor
Age Range: 20 – 30
Vocal Range: Strong Tenor
Motel is the meek and very poor village tailor. He seeks the hand of Tevye’s eldest
daughter Tzeitel, and in the process comes into his own by standing up for his feelings
for her.

Perchik, The Student
Age Range: 18 – 25
Vocal Range: Tenor
Perchik is a student at the university, a visitor and outsider to Anatevka. He has some
radical views that challenge traditions. He falls in love with Hodel (Tevye’s 2nd eldest
daughter). He is likeable, charming and ultimately an accepted part of Tevye’s family.

Fyedka, The Russian Soldier
Age Range: 20 – 30
Mainly speaking role with a possible featured Tenor solo in “To Life” (soloist may also
be cast separately). Fyedka is a Russian soldier who falls in love with Chava (Tevye’s
3rd eldest daughter). They elope because Tevye cannot accept this total break in
Jewish tradition. Strong dancer preferable (dances a Russian dance in “To Life”).

Lazar Wolfe, The Butcher
Age Range: 40-60
Vocal Range: Baritone
Lazar Wolfe is the brawny and feisty butcher of Anatevka. He is the town’s wealthiest
resident and has been promised the hand of Tzeitel, Tevye’s eldest daughter. When he
loses Tzeitel to Motel, he becomes very resentful. Strong character role requiring great

The Constable
Age Range: 35 – 60
Non-singing Role
The constable is a local Russian military official who knows the villagers well and even
likes some of them, especially Tevye. However, this does not prevent him from carrying
out orders, eventually forcing the Jewish residents to leave Anatevka.

The Rabbi
Age Range: 50 – 70
Small mostly acting role
The Rabbi is the Jewish spiritual leader. Comic character role. Must be agile and able to
move a bit.

Mendel, The Rabbi’s Son
Age Range: 18 – 40
Small mostly acting role and part of ensemble.

Mordcha, The Innkeeper
Age Range: 30 – 65
Small acting role and part of ensemble.
Mordcha runs the local tavern and is a friend of Tevye.

Avram, The Bookseller

Age Range: 30 – 65
Small acting role and part of ensemble.

Russian Soloist in “To Life” (may be sung by Fyedka)
Age Range: 20 – 50
Vocal Range: Tenor – Very strong soloist

Other Small Male Roles:
Nachum, The Beggar
Yussel, The Town Hatter
Russian Priest
Sasha and Boris (Fyedka’s fellow soldiers)
The Fiddler – May be male or female (to play male). Small stature. Must move well.

Golde, Tevye’s Wife
Age Range: 40 – 55
Vocal Range: Mezzo/Alto
Golde is Tevye’s strong-willed wife who hopes for good matches for her daughters so
they have easier lives than she and Tevye. She is the strength behind Tevye and keeps
the household on track.

Tzeitel, Eldest Daughter
Age Range: 18 – 20
Vocal range: Soprano/Alto
Tzeitel is the first to challenge tradition. She desperately persuades her father to let her
marry Motel the tailor despite the fact that Tevye has promised her to Lazar Wolfe the
butcher. Strong dramatic actor. Must move well.

Hodel, 2nd Eldest Daughter
Age Range: 18 – 20
Vocal Range: Soprano (with strong chest voice)
Hodel falls in love with Perchik and eventually leaves Anatevka to be with him in
Siberia. Hodel sings a haunting solo as she says goodbye to her father at the train
station. Strong dramatic actor. Must move well.

Chava, 3rd Eldest Daughter
Age Range: 16 – 20
Vocal Range: Soprano/Alto
Chava is Tevye’s scholarly, middle daughter who loves reading. She falls in love with
the Russian soldier Fyedka and elopes with him. This break from tradition creates
estrangement from her father. Strong dramatic actor. Ballet and/or Lyrical Modern
dance training preferred.

Shprintze, 4th Eldest Daughter
Age Range: 10 – 14
Vocal Range: Soprano/Alto
Shprintze and Bielke take lessons at home from Perchik and appear in several scenes.
A few spoken lines but both roles need to have good stage presence and reactions.

Bielke, 5th Eldest Daughter
Age Range: 10 – 14
Vocal Range: Soprano/Alto
Bielke and Shprintze take lessons at home from Perchik and appear in several scenes.
A few spoken lines but both roles need to have good stage presence and reactions.
Yente, The Matchmaker
Age Range: 45 – 65
Vocal Range Soprano/Alto
Yente is the village matchmaker. She is a widow and a meddling busy-body who makes
it her business to know all of the town gossip. Strong comedic timing.

Grandma Tzeitel
Age Range: 30 – 40 (to play elderly)
Vocal range: Mezzo/Alto
Grandma Tzeitel is Golde’s deceased grandmother who appears as a ghost in the
Dream Sequence. She has a great featured solo moment. Will also double in the

Age Range: 30 – 40
Vocal Range: Mezzo/Alto
Fruma-Sarah is Lazar Wolfe’s deceased first wife who appears as a ghost in the dream
sequence. This actor must be able to sing a very challenging solo. Must move well. Will
also double in the ensemble.

Other Small Female Roles:
Shandel – Motel’s mother
The Fiddler – May be male or female (to play male). Small stature. Must move well.