Diversity, Representation, and Outreach in the Arts

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Please join us for: 

A Community Conversation: Diversity, Representation, and Outreach in the Arts, professionally facilitated by Sasha Trice, LCPC, and Katherine Zerull, LCSW, LISW.

October 23, 2021; 10:30am-12:00pm

Quad City Music Guild Auditorium

All past, present, and future participants and patrons of the Quad City Theatre Community are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Per State of Illinois Mandates, face masks will be required.

Some more information:

While QCMG is open to all members of our community, it is obvious that the makeup of our participants and patrons does not reflect the makeup of our community as a whole. Previous attempts at outreach to under-represented and marginalized groups have been minimal, project-based and short term. We identify this as an organizational weakness, acknowledge that it has caused pain within our community, and have developed a plan to build organizational capacity by beginning to move towards sustained and meaningful outreach to and representation/engagement of all members of our community. 

In March 2021, QCMG was fortunate to receive a Capacity Building Grant from Quad City Arts to fund our first steps.

Our leadership attended professional training earlier this year which focused on building diversity initiatives for our organization.

Now it is time for Step Two – A Facilitated Community Conversation, which will take place on October 23. This event is open to all participants/volunteers/members of our community at large and is aimed at encouraging discussion, identifying areas of strength and weakness, sharing experiences, and creating open dialogue, in a safe forum, between past, current, and future QCMG participants and patrons.

QCMG’s ultimate goal is to build and maintain a community theatre that is overtly inclusive and representative of all facets of our rich and diverse community by increasing the diversity of our overall volunteer base and our ability to retain those volunteers. We welcome you to join us.