Auditions 2022: Disaster!

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Finally……a jukebox musical about multiple disasters that uses 70’s pop songs to help tell the story! Songs like “I Am Woman”, “Hot Stuff”, “Hooked On A Feeling” and “Never Can Say Goodbye” are a four of the many songs in this show. This is the story of the opening of a floating casino/disco that is sitting on a fault line. The fun quickly takes a “disastrous” turn of earthquakes, fires, piranhas, killer rats and a tidal wave. The question is—Who Will Survive? (The MTI Shows web site has pictures/more detailed information.)

Audition Dates and Times

Saturday, January 15 1:00-4:00PM

Sunday, January 16 1:00-4:00PM

Call backs will be as needed Sunday afternoon 

Rehearsals will begin in mid February. We will rehearse most weeknights from 6:30-9:00.

This is an ensemble show which allows each character to have their moment to shine. We are planning to cast around 20 people in this production. With the exception of Ben/Lisa, there are places for adults 16 and over. 

All characters are passengers on the casino. With that in mind, we are looking for a diverse cast that reflect the myriad of people that visit a casino. 

We want to hear 16-32 bars of an up tempo pop style song. (Don’t pick a song like Edelweiss or You’ll Never Walk Alone.) Your song does not have to be memorized, but please bring a copy for the accompanist. Be prepared to learn a short dance. Dance training is not required. We might ask you to read or sing from the show. We want you to relax and have fun while auditioning. 

This is a wildly fun and crazy show that will definitely give a lift to our audiences! 70’s songs, 70’s clothing, laugh out loud dialogue, sharks, rats, and many other surprises—-what more do you need? If you have further questions, feel free to email Dave Blakey at [email protected].


Ages listed are suggested ages only. Casting decisions will be made based on your audition and the needs of the show.

  • Ted Scheider Male 30-60 Baritone A professor and “disaster expert” who tries to warn the others of the impending crisis. 
  • Tony Delvecchio Male 30-60 Baritone The unscrupulous owner of the casino. Tries to be charming but is not. 
  • Jackie Female 30-50 Mezzo A likeable lounge singer, slightly ditzy and a bit past her prime. She is Ben and Lisa’s mother. 
  • Chad Rubik Male 25-40 Tenor Waiter at the casino. Trying to be cool but still very upset about his broken engagement to Marianne. 
  • Marianne Female 25-40 Soprano An investigative journalist with career goals that have conflicted with her love life. A bit of a feminist who broke off her relationship with Chad. 
  • Scott Male 25-40 Tenor Waiter at the casino. Best friend of Chad but a bit of a nerd. 
  • Ben/Lisa Boy or Girl who has to look 10-12 years old Needs to be unchanged voice if a boy. Jackie’s twin children played by the same person. “They” are smart but independent kids. 
  • Shirley Female 40-70 Mezzo Funny and lovable wife of Maury. Has a featured dance in Act 2. She also has a “mysterious” illness. 
  • Maury Male 40-70 Baritone Shirley’s jolly and devoted husband who has recently retired.
  • Levora Verona Female 30-50 Mezzo (Needs to able to sing gospel-pop) Glamorous but fading disco diva. Pushy, sassy, and loves her dog. 
  • Sister Mary Downy Female 30-50 Mezzo (with strong pop belt). An awkward, very judgmental nun who has a secret gambling addiction. 
  • Ensemble: 6-8 males and females (various ages) that will play party guests/smaller roles. All vocal ranges are needed for several songs.